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At McGee Electric, we take pride in our commitment to safety and quality. We place utmost importance on adhering to all industry standards and regulations, and go the extra mile to ensure that our electrical installations and repairs are of the highest quality.


At McGee Electric, we take safety and reliability seriously. As a family-owned business, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind in your home, which is why our focus is on providing top-notch electrical services and quality customer care. Our residential electrical services include everything from new installations to repairs and maintenance. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service, and we won't rest until we've exceeded your expectations.


As a trusted and reputable electrical contractor, McGee Electric provides quality indoor and outdoor commercial electrical services. We are committed to delivering excellent workmanship and striving to exceed customer expectations. From electrical installations to repairs and maintenance, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your electrical needs. 

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